Biggles Flies West

By W. E. Johns

Out of the nook of his eyes Biggles observed Dick cross overboard and disappear below the froth, yet he may do not anything to assist him. certainly, as he fought to maintain the flying-boat less than regulate, it appeared sure that in the following minute or the others needs to subscribe to him. Ashen, he checked out Algy. 'Jump while she hits!' he cried, in a shrill, strangled voice, and dived intentionally on the rocks. Biggles, Algy and Ginger support a tender lad steer clear of a violent thief and locate themselves plunged right into a risky treasure hunt looking for a long-lost pirate hoard of gold within the Caribbean.

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An instantaneous direction used to be out of the query, yet by means of following the main open locations within the luxuriant plants they have been capable of make a few development up the part of the quite steep hill that flanked the mass of rock they have been so worried to get around. Thorns pricked their ft, briers and trailing lianas clutched at their legs and our bodies, yet they driven on, not often feeling the discomfort. Ginger used to be first to arrive the pinnacle, the place he pulled up unexpectedly, staring out to sea. His face, already faded, became as white as a sheet. ‘Look! ’ he muttered hoarsely. Algy, following the path of his trembling forefinger, acknowledged not anything. there has been little need to assert whatever. the tip of the tragedy used to be there prior to their eyes. approximately a mile away the hull of the wrecked aeroplane was once nonetheless wallowing within the waves, yet of Biggles there has been no signal. For a number of mins, in which neither of them spoke, they stared on the storm-churned water among the damage and the shore. Then Algy drew a deep breath. ‘He’s gone,’ he stated easily. Ginger bit his lip. ‘Yes, he’s gone,’ he acknowledged in a lifeless voice. Sitting down, he buried his face in his fingers. for 2 or 3 mins they remained therefore, Algy staring out around the white-capped waves, loath to desert wish. ‘I’m afraid it’s little need status here,’ he acknowledged finally, in tones of utter distress. ‘Let’s return to determine if we will locate Dick. ’ Slowly they retraced their steps, or fairly, they attempted to, however it was once quickly transparent to either one of them they'd misplaced their unique direction. now not that they cared fairly. a technique appeared pretty much as good as one other. They knew that by way of going downhill in the end they might come to the beach, which they did, extraordinary it at an extended, sandy seashore. issues stuck their eyes straight away. One used to be an elevator that were torn off the ill-fated airplane, and the opposite, a dismal item that used to be being rocked lightly from side to side on the extremity of the surging waves. They moved quickly in the direction of it. ‘It’s Dick’s jacket,’ acknowledged Algy unnecessarily, for there has been no mistaking the water-soaked garment that he dragged from the sting of the ocean. He picked it up and stood looking at it, no longer realizing what to do with it, but unwilling to forged it apart. conserving it hence, whatever fell from a pocket and dropped flat at the white coral sand. It used to be the doubloon. Slowly Ginger stooped and picked it up, and gazed at it pensively because it lay within the palm of his hand. ‘I imagine Biggles was once approximately right,’ he acknowledged seriously. ‘One manner or one other, this piece of steel turns out to have brought on a great deal of hassle. ’ Algy nodded. ‘Yes,’ he agreed. ‘I imagine I’ve visible approximately as a lot of that coin as i would like to. ’ ‘Then the earlier it is going the place it can’t do to any extent further damage, the better,’ declared Ginger viciously, and throwing again his arm, was once approximately to hurl the doubloon a long way out to sea whilst he was once arrested within the act via the sound of rifle shot. ‘What the deuce! ’ muttered Algy, staring within the course whence the sound had come, which seemed to be simply past the top of the strand on which they stood.

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