Bog Bodies Uncovered: Solving Europe's Ancient Mystery

The grisly tale of the bathroom our bodies, up to date through information of archaeological discovery and crime-scene techniques

a few 2,000 years in the past, yes unlucky contributors have been violently killed and buried now not in graves yet in bathrooms. What was once a tragedy for the sufferers has proved an archaeologist’s dream, for the bizarre and acidic houses of the lavatory have preserved the our bodies in order that their epidermis, hair, smooth tissue, and inner organs?even their brains?survive. each one of these historic swamp sufferers were chanced on in areas with huge components of raised bathroom: eire, northwest England, Denmark, the Netherlands, and northerly Germany. They have been in all likelihood homicide sufferers and, as such, their our bodies and their burial locations might be taken care of as crime scenes. The instances are chilly, yet this publication explores the intense details they show approximately our prehistoric past.

Bog our bodies Uncovered updates Professor P. V. Glob’s seminal ebook The lavatory People, released in 1969, within the gentle of greatly more desirable clinical innovations and newly discovered our bodies. Approached in a noticeably diversified kind equivalent to a felony research, right here the lavatory sufferers look, uncannily well-preserved, in full-page pictures that allow the reader wake up shut and private with the traditional earlier. seventy eight illustrations, 15 in colour

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