British Policy in Mesopotamia, 1903-1914 (St. Antony's Middle East Monographs)

British imperial pursuits in Iraq in the course of and after the 1st global warfare are popular and feature usually been studied. yet what of British coverage in the direction of the Mesopotamian provinces sooner than 1914? during this well-documented research, Stuart Cohen offers the 1st coherent account of starting to be British curiosity in those provinces, within which the protection of India, advertisement concerns, the security of Shia Muslim pilgrims, and worry of a German-dominated Berlin-to-Baghdad railway all had an essential position to play. First released in 1976 and now to be had in paperback for the 1st time, this booklet is key analyzing not just for an realizing of the making of British coverage in the direction of the Arab provinces of the Ottoman empire, but additionally of the final days of Turkish rule in Iraq itself.

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