Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World

By David Sacks

From technology to faith, politics to arithmetic, and paintings to drugs, there are only a few components of our smooth lives that aren't not directly suffering from classical Greece. Encyclopedia of the traditional Greek global presents interdisciplinary insurance of this influential civilization.

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C. E. (Alison Frantz Photographic assortment, American college of Classical reports at Athens) Castor and Polydeuces seventy seven students name “caryatid mirrors,” as the deal with is within the kind of a girl, with the reflective disk of the reflect above her head. Supposedly the identify caryatid said the area of Caryae in LACONIA, the place girls characteristically danced with baskets on their heads. at the least, the sight of girls sporting water pitchers or laundry baskets during this method was once a well-recognized one within the historic Greek global and positively contributed to the layout. The male equivalents of caryatids have been referred to as Atlantes, from the mythological determine ATLAS, who held up the heavens along with his head. See additionally structure. extra analyzing: Lamia Doumato, The Erechtheum (Monticello, in poor health. : Vance Bibliographies, 1980); Lenore O. Keene Congdon, Caryatid Mirrors of historic Greece: Technical, Stylistic, and ancient issues of an Archaic and Early Classical Bronze sequence (Mainz am Rhein, Germany: Philip von Zabern, 1981). Cassander See KASSANDER. Cassandra (Greek: Kassandra, Alexandra) In delusion, Cassandra used to be a daughter of King PRIAM of TROY. She is pointed out in HOMER’s Iliad easily because the most adorable of Priam’s daughters, yet later writers—particularly the Athenian playwright AESCHYLUS, in his Agamemnon (458 B. C. E. )—present her as a sad heroine. Cassandra was once loved by way of the god APOLLO, who wooed her by means of delivering her the facility of prophecy. She authorised the reward yet nonetheless refused his advances. Apollo couldn't revoke his present, yet he decreed vindictively that not anyone might ever think her predictions. within the TROJAN battle, the Trojans neglected Cassandra’s frantic plea to not take the Greeks’ mammoth wood horse into town. whilst the Greeks emerged from the pony to sack Troy, Cassandra used to be dragged clear of the altar of the goddess ATHENA and raped by means of AJAX (2) the Locrian. later on, Cassandra was once disbursed as concubine to the Greek grand marshal, King AGAMEMNON. On her arrival with Agamemnon at his nation of MYCENAE, Cassandra and Agamemnon have been murdered by means of Agamemnon’s spouse, KLYTEMNESTRA. certainly, Cassandra foresaw her personal and Agamemnon’s loss of life yet used to be not able to avoid them. Cassandra is a widespread determine in Greek paintings, in particular in Athenian vase work. The scene most typically depicted exhibits the younger princess kneeling and preserving directly to the statue of Athena, as Ajax drags her away. She is generally proven nude in those scenes—even during periods while Greek artists quite often depicted ladies absolutely clothed—in order to show that Ajax is set to rape her. Cassandra additionally seems frequently in Greek and Roman literature; as well as Aeschylus’s drama, her tragic tale is additionally informed by way of APOLLODORUS, Vergil, and Pausanias. Our glossy expression “to be a Cassandra” or “to play Cassandra” is utilized to somebody who habitually predicts that undesirable issues will occur. See additionally PROPHECY AND DIVINATION. additional analyzing: J. B. Connelly, “Narrative and photograph in Attic Vase portray. Ajax and Kassandra on the Trojan Palladion,” in Narrative and occasion in historic artwork, edited by means of Peter J.

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