Experiments in Egyptian Archaeology: Stoneworking Technology in Ancient Egypt

By Denys A. Stocks

During this clean and fascinating quantity, Denys A. shares examines the archaeological and pictorial proof for masonry in historical Egypt. via a sequence of experiments within which he assessments and evaluates over 200 reconstructed and copy instruments, he brings alive the equipment and practices of historic Egyptian craftworking, highlighting the thoughts and advances made by means of this awesome civilisation.
This useful method of knowing the basics of historical Egyptian stoneworking indicates the evolution of instruments and strategies, and the way those come jointly to supply the wonders of Egyptian paintings and structure.
Comprehensively illustrated with over 2 hundred images and drawings, Experiments in Egyptian Archaeology will deliver a clean point of view to the puzzles of Egyptian craft and know-how. through combining the information of a contemporary engineer with the procedure of an archaeologist and historian, Denys shares has created a piece that might trap the mind's eye of all Egyptology students and fans

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