Exploring the Amazon

By Helen Schreider, Frank Schreider

Because the day of the conquistadors, the Amazon has lured explorers and adventurers. Many have left files in their studies, yet few bills are so full of the exceitement of discovery as Exploring The Amazon, a stirring tribute to the braveness of its authors. one other nationwide Geographic treasure.

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196; park 748, 793; inhabitants 36-37. 196; dimension 195; Yacht membership 794. 195 Belen (floating village), Iquitos 34-35, 117,778, 779, 758 Belen, Church of, Cuzco forty Belterra (rubber plantation), Brazil 171, 174 Benigno (driver) forty seven, fifty two, fifty six Benjamin consistent, Brazil 147 Bible translators see summer season Institute ol Linguistics Bingham, Hiram forty three, forty seven Birds 53,60, 70, 109, 744, one hundred forty five. 171, 787, see additionally Parrots Black-water eighty two, eighty three, 143, 170,«f additionally Negro, Rio; Vaupes Blastocerus dichotomus (swamp deer) 748 Blowguns nine, 86, ninety, 117, 734. 737 Boar hides seventy eight, eighty two Boas, water thirteen, sixty two, 142-143, 752-753 Boats 7, 7, fifty eight, eighty one, ninety six, 126-127. 128. a hundred and fifty. 171; fishing 787, 192. 203; "school-bus" 799; buying and selling eighty two; "trains" 758; see additionally Amazon Queen; Canoes; Mamuri (raft); Rafts Bogota, Colombia 138 Bolivia seventy two, thirteen sales space Steamship corporation, Ltd. 36, eighty one, 117, 138; captains 146, 750, a hundred sixty five; Chalet sales space, Iquitos a hundred and twenty, a hundred twenty five; Cyril, M. V. 146, 750; resident supervisor, Iquitos a hundred and twenty, one hundred twenty five, 725; Viajero one hundred sixty five Bows and arrows sixty nine, seventy one, seventy two Bradypus tndactylus (three-toed sloth) 749 Brasilia, Brazil 196, 202 Brazil 13,776. 136,745. 146-147, 151, 154, 156-203; farming 170-171; flag 147; gold strike 171, 174, 776-777, 178; executive 202; lumber export 184; nationalism 202; Oriental immigrants a hundred and ten, one hundred seventy; rubber imports 7 seventy five, 174; rubber 114-115, 116, 171, 174; see additionally Amazon Basin; Belem; Manaus Brazil nuts eighty four, 151, one hundred sixty five, 171 Breves, Brazil 185 Bruce, Col. E. C. 36 Brujo (Achual witch medical professional) 88-89, ninety three, ninety six Bushmaster sixty two, 738 Butterflies 20. 30-31 Buzzards 171 Cacao timber 60 Cailloma, Peru 38, forty seven, fifty two Caimans sixty eight, 70, 142, 794; hides seventy eight, 96,727, 146 Callomane (river), Peru fifty seven Campa Indians 60, sixty two, sixty seven. sixty nine. 70-72, seventy five, seventy seven, eighty two; garments iff cusbma; dances seventy one; schooling seventy one, seventy five; huts 66-67, 70; missionaries to seventy one, seventy five Canal Perigoso, Brazil 190-191 Cana brava (cane) 66-67 Canoes 60, ninety seven, 109, 151, 171,774. 779; dugout fifty eight, sixty two, 70,97; motorized seventy eight, eighty one Capybara (rodent) thirteen 204 Caravelle (sidewalk cafe), Iquitos 117, one hundred twenty Camaval: Belem, Brazil 196, 197 digital camera (fish) sixty eight, 70 Carvajal, Friar Caspar de 128, 129; quoted 128, 129, 151 Cashew plants eighty four Cassava sixty nine, 72,81,90, 151, 171 farm animals eighty one, eighty four, 171, 174, 194; Brahman 182-183 Caviana Island, Brazil 790-/97 Cedar, Spanish ninety eight, a hundred and one Chalet sales space (residence), Iquitos one hundred twenty, a hundred twenty five Characins: spawning ninety two; trapped ninety three Charlie (pet animals) one hundred twenty, a hundred twenty five, 12} Cbasquis (Inca couriers) 38, forty six Cbuha (meadlike brew) forty six, forty seven Chicle export 117, one hundred thirty five Chincheros, Peru sixteen, forty six; marketplace . fifty four; Mass forty five chinese language immigrants: Peru ninety eight, 108, one hundred ten Chonta palm pegs sixty one, sixty three, sixty eight, seventy one Cbullos (winter caps) forty, forty two Cicadas sixty six, 70 Cieza de Leon, Pedro de forty two Cimini, Padre seventy one Cinnamon, Land of 128, 129 Cloud wooded area fifty seven Cluhe Social Iquitos 117 Coca (plant) forty six, forty seven, fifty four. fifty eight, ninety six Cocaine forty six, fifty four Cock-of-the-rock one hundred forty four Cocona (fruit) 60 espresso bushes 60 Colombia 12, 13,26, 30-31, 33, 90-93, 116, 136, 138, 149, see additionally Leticia Columbus, Christopher 112 "Compadre" (boatman) fifty nine. sixty three, sixty five, sixty six, sixty eight. seventy seven Conch-shell signs sixty nine, 70, seventy seven Condor 26, five three Conquistadors eight, 38, forty, forty two, forty five, forty six, forty seven, sixty seven, one hundred twenty five, 128, 129 Conure, golden a hundred forty five Cordillera de Huayhuash, Peru 10-11 Cordillera de Vilcabamba, Peru 72-73 Cordillera de Vilcanota, Peru forty eight Cueva de las Lechuzas (Cave ot the Owls), Peru 28-29 Curare ninety six Cushma sixty nine, 70, seventy one, 72,75, seventy seven Cuzco, Peru eight, 18, 38, 39-41, forty two, forty six, forty seven, fifty six; church buildings forty, forty two, 44-45; elevation 38; Inca foundations 39.

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