Galen and the World of Knowledge (Greek Culture in the Roman World)

Galen is an important scientific author in Graeco-Roman antiquity, and in addition tremendous useful for knowing Graeco-Roman inspiration and society within the moment century advert. This quantity of essays locates him firmly within the highbrow lifetime of his interval, and hence goals to make greater feel of the scientific and philosophical 'world of information' that he attempts to create. How did Galen current himself as a reader and an writer compared to different intellectuals of his day? certainly, how did he model himself as a scientific practitioner, and the way does that self-fashioning relate to the functionality tradition of second-century Rome? Did he see medication as taking up many of the conventional roles of philosophy? those and different questions are freshly addressed by way of best foreign specialists on Galen and the highbrow lifetime of the interval, in a stimulating assortment that mixes studying with accessibility.

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At the healing process MMG. advert Glauconem de methodo medendi. To Glauco at the approach to therapeutic Med. Nom. De nominibus medicis. On scientific Names Mor. De moribus. On ethical personality Nat. Fac. De naturalibus facultatibus. at the common schools decide. Doct. De optima doctrina. at the most sensible approach to educating decide. Med. Quod optimus medicus take a seat quoque philosophus. the simplest medical professional can also be a thinker Ord. Lib. Prop. De ordine librorum propriorum. at the Order of my very own Books xii word on conventions Parv. Pil. De parvae pilae exercitio. workout with the Small Ball Pecc. Dig. De animi cuiuslibet peccatorum dignotione et curatione. at the prognosis and remedy of the blunders of the Soul personal home page. De placitis Hippocratis et Platonis. at the Doctrines of Hippocrates and Plato Praen. De praenotione advert Epiginem. On analysis Praes. Puls. De praesagitione ex pulsibus. analysis via pulses Prop. Plac. De propriis placitis. On His personal critiques Protr. Adhortatio advert artes addiscendas. Exhortation to the humanities QAM (=QAF) Quod animi mores/facultates corporis temperamenta sequuntur the colleges of the Soul persist with the combos of the physique / The Soul’s Dependence at the physique SI. De sectis advert eos qui introducuntur. On Sects for rookies Sem. De semine. On Semen SMT. De simplicium medicamentorum temperamentis ac facultatibus. at the Powers of easy medicinal drugs Temp. De temperamentis. On combinations Thras. Thrasybulus sive utrum medicinae sit down an gymnasticae hygiene. Thrasybulus UP. De usu partium. at the functionality of the elements (b) opposed to Julian. Adversus Julianum (Adv. Jul. ) opposed to Lycus. Adversus Lycum (Adv. Lyc. ) paintings of medication. Ars medica (Ars Med. ) motives of Pulses. De causis pulsuum (Caus. Puls. ) reviews at the First and moment Books of Chrysippus’ ‘Syllogistic’ analysis via Pulses. De dignoscendis pulsibus (Dig. Puls. ) changes of Fevers. De febrium differentiis (Diff. Feb. ) transformations of Pulses. De differentiis pulsuum (Diff. Puls. ) problems in respiring. De difficultate respirationis (Diff. Resp. ) workout with the Small Ball. De parvae pilae exercitio (Parv. Pil. ) Exhortation to the humanities. Adhortatio advert artes addiscendas (Protr. ) thesaurus of Hippocratic phrases. Glossarium / Linguarum seu dictionum exoletarum Hippocratis explicatio (Gloss. ) In Defence of Epictetus opposed to Favorinus creation to common sense. Institutio logica (Inst. Log. ) it truly is valuable for Schoolchildren to learn previous Comedy Note on conventions xiii On Affected elements. De locis affectis (Loc. Aff. ) On Anatomical methods. De anatomicis administrationibus (AA) On Aristotle’s ‘Categories’ On Aristotle’s ‘On Interpretation’ On Aristotle’s ‘Organon’ On Aristotle’s ‘Posterior Analytics’ On Aristotle’s ‘Prior Analytics’ On Crises. De crisibus (Cris. ) On serious days. De diebus decretoriis (Di. Dec. ) On Demonstration. De demonstratione On Eudemus’ ‘On speech’ On Examinations On behavior. De consuetudinibus (Cons. ) On Hippocrates’ ‘Airs, Waters, Places’. In Hippocratis De aere aquis locis commentarii On Hippocrates’ ‘Anatomy’ On Hippocrates’ ‘Aphorisms’. In Hippocratis Aphorismi (Hipp.

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