Gideon's Corpse (Gideon Crew series)

By Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

A best nuclear scientist is going mad and takes an blameless relations hostage at gunpoint, killing one and inflicting a major standoff.
A plume of radiation above ny urban ends up in a warehouse the place, it kind of feels, a strong nuclear bomb used to be assembled simply hours before.
Sifting during the proof, specialists ensure that the unthinkable is ready to take place: in ten days, an incredible American urban might be vaporized by means of a terrorist attack.
Ten days. And Gideon team, monitoring the mysterious terrorist mobilephone from the suburbs of recent York to the mountains of recent Mexico, learns the top might be whatever worse--far worse--than mere Armageddon.

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We all know their plan now,” Fordyce stated. “What we have to do is touch NEST, have them safe USAMRIID, and we’re performed. ” Gideon drove on, contemplating this. “It is going with no saying,” stated Fordyce, “that we can’t do that ourselves. ” nonetheless, Gideon didn't answer. “I wish you compromise. I’m calling Dart. ” Fordyce took out his cellular phone. “Just a moment,” stated Gideon. “What makes you think that Dart will think us? ” “We’ve received the pc. We’ve obtained the dossier. If this isn’t evidence, I don’t be aware of what's. ” Fordyce started to dial. “I don’t imagine so,” Gideon stated slowly. Fordyce stopped dialing. “You don’t imagine so. ” “Dart’s unlikely to think us. He thinks I’m a terrorist and you’re a fuckup whom he relieved of accountability and who’s now long past AWOL. ” “The proof’s at the machine. ” “In a Microsoft be aware dossier which can simply were created or altered by way of us. ” “…But the DES encryption! ” “Big deal. The dossier wasn’t encrypted—just the pc. Stone, imagine: this research is far too invested within the jihadist plot conception. There’s just too a lot momentum for it to show on a dime. ” “It doesn’t need to activate a dime. All Dart has to do is redeploy a dozen armed infantrymen to protect that smallpox vault. It’s what any prudent investigator could do. ” Gideon shook his head. “While Dart isn’t silly, he’s a prisoner of the ebook. He’s no longer the sort who thinks open air the field. You name Dart now and we’ll be arrested once we appear with this desktop. They’ll are looking to examine the pc, ascertain it isn’t a plant of a few sort. They’ll debrief us at length…and in the meantime the smallpox could be stolen. purely then, whilst it’s too past due, will they suspect us. ” “Yes, yet i do know the FBI, and I’m telling you they’ll disguise their asses through immediately deploying a minimum of a number of troops to protect USAMRIID. ” “This isn’t simply the FBI now, or perhaps NEST. It’s a vast, hydra-headed, out-of-control research that’s now not performing in a rational demeanour. They’re drowning in fake leads, crimson herrings, and conspiracy theories. We are available on the 11th hour, babbling a few out-of-left-field speak of smallpox… give it some thought. Dart isn’t going to reply in time, and the undesirable men gets the virus. You name Dart and so they win. video game over. ” Fordyce slammed his fist at the dashboard. “Damn you, so what do you intend in its place? ” “Simple. We move into citadel Detrick—I’m lovely definite we will be able to speak our method in, specifically with that guard of yours—and ambush the bastards once they pop out with the smallpox. trap them within the act. Then we remove the smallpox at gunpoint, carry them, and make contact with the cavalry. ” “Why now not cease them ahead of they get the smallpox? ” “Because we have to seize them with it. If we simply cease them on the door, there may be a scuffle, after which we’ll be arrested and they’ll cross free—free to execute their plot. we'd like facts that the crime was once dedicated. ” Fordyce laughed mirthlessly. “So, what—now you’ve obtained a hero complicated? What in the event that they appear with ten men armed to enamel? ” “They’re unlikely to do this. give it some thought.

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