Lord Brocktree: A Novel of Redwall

By Brian Jacques

Now an lively sequence on public television!

In which the strong badger warrior Lord Brocktreewith assistance from the lively younger haremaid Dottimust reclaim the mountain land of Salamandastron from the military of a villainous wildcat…

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Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy at y’service, sah, yet I’m generally known as Dotti, notwithstanding my papa regularly acknowledged you'll name me whatever so long as you didn’t name me past due for lunch. ‘Scuse me a tick . . . ’ The fats frowsy woman stoat had risen and used to be getting ready to make a run for it. Dotti reflattened her with a well-placed swing of her bag. She gestured at Drigg’s band. ‘What will we do with this covey of curmudgeons, m’lord? ’ With a fearsome sleek, Lord Brocktree drew his nice conflict sword. It used to be virtually as tall as himself, with a blade vast as dock leaves. A moan of worry arose from the stoats. preserving it single-pawed among the double hilt, Brocktree swung the large weapon, making the air thrum like a swan setting out into flight. Whump! He buried the purpose deep within the earth, and his voice dropped to a perilous growl as he addressed the cowed vermin. ‘I retailer my sword for correct wrestle with genuine warriors. Scum like you may merely dishonour its blade. yet i'll make exceptions if any of you're still inside of my sight by the point i've got counted to 3. take into account, I constantly continue my notice . . . One! ’ Dotti was once shocked within the mad scramble. prior to the Badger Lord had counted extra, Drigg Slopmouth and his depraved brood had vanished. Dotti chuckled. ‘By gum, that’s what I should’ve performed within the first position. Pity I didn’t have a sword like this one. What a smashin’ outdated destroyer it truly is! ’ She tugged with either paws, unearthing the blade, then fell over backward below its big weight. ‘Flamin’ sunsets, sah! How d’you deal with a weapon like this? ’ For solution, the badger picked up his sword, twirled it in a warrior’s salute and stowed it one-pawed throughout his large again, nodding heavily at her. ‘Strength, i guess. they are saying i used to be born even enhanced than my father, Lord Stonepaw. ’ Dotti flopped her ears understandingly. ‘I recognize what y’mean. Beauty’s continually been my curse – they are saying i used to be born extra appealing than the jolly outdated settin’ solar at solstice. That’s prob’ly what made these blinkin’ stoats assault me – somebeasts take attractiveness as an indication o’ weak point, y’know. I say, did you point out that previous Lord Stonepaw was once your pater? ’ Brocktree retrieved his traveling bag from at the back of the beech and shouldered it. ‘I did. Why, are you aware of him? ’ Dotti pulled a face and scuffed the airborne dirt and dust together with her footpaw. ‘I may still bally good say so. I’m bein’ despatched to his blinkin’ previous mountain, Sallawotjacallit . . . ’ ‘Salamandastron? ’ ‘Aye, that’s where. My aunt Blench is the manager prepare dinner there. i think she’s a correct previous battleaxe. ’ Lord Brocktree sensed a narrative at the back of Dotti’s comments. Seating himself together with his again opposed to the beech tree, he unpacked provisions from his cumbersome haversack. ‘Sit down the following via me, Dotti. D’you like oatcakes, cheese and elderflower cordial? ’ The haremaid plonked herself willingly at the grass. ‘Rather! I haven’t eaten for absolute a long time – nearly an hour, i feel. Mmmm, that cheese appears strong! ’ Lord Brocktree couldn't aid yet smile on the hungry kid. ‘Well there’s lots for 2, pass over.

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