Mariel of Redwall (Redwall, Book 4)

By Brian Jacques, Gary Chalk

Whilst the rat pirate Gabool the Wild assaults the mouse-ship sporting Joseph the Bellmaker, he plunders its awesome bell in a healthy of greed, after which pitilessly casts Joseph and his daughter Mariel into the raging sea. After she is rescued and taken to Redwall Abbey, Mariel units out with 3 fearless Mossflower partners (and her trusty rope-weapon, the Gullwhacker) to trace down Gabool and avenge her father-and therefore starts an unforgettable conflict!

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Someplace out at the blue deeps of the crested sea, the send Waveblade ran ahead of whichever direction the wind chanced to take her. summer time breezes despatched spray skimming over the decks, washing them fresh of blood and battlestain. Stretched out at the forecastle, oblivious to all approximately him, Rawnblade Widestripe slept deeply, nonetheless totally armoured, his nice sword placing loosely from one paw, unmindful of the stinging salt water which dewed his clean scars. the bleak Bloodwrath had left him; he knew now not whilst it's going to stopover at him back. He slept on, as peaceable as any boy or girl at its mother’s part. 23 night SHADOWS begun final in on a cloudless sky because the solar reddened and started its descent into the west. The stones of Redwall took from it their dusky pink brown hue; warmth shimmer at the flatlands gave technique to purplish twilight. Gabriel Quill had relieved Saxtus at the walltop. The fats cellarmaster yawned, seemed north alongside the trail, blinked and rubbed his eyes ahead of calling throughout to the west ramparts: ‘Sister Serena, marm. What d’you make of this ’ere? ’ Serena moved quickly throughout. protecting her eyes with a paw, she peered short-sightedly within the path Gabe was once pointing. ‘Hmm, don’t comprehend, Mr Quill. Very beautiful, even though. It seems like loads of occasion lanterns bobbing alongside the trail, little golden lighting fixtures . . . ’ Rufe Brush got here bounding up the stairs. He stuck the final word. ‘Little golden lighting? the place? Oh, by means of the fur of my fathers! Sister, these little golden lighting fixtures are fireplace! Torches, being carried in the direction of the Abbey. I’ll sound the alarm! ’ In a twinkling Rufe used to be down from the ramparts, around the garden and up within the half-finished belltower. Grabbing the wood cudgels, he all started pounding at the hole log. Thonkthonkathonkthonkathonkthonkathonk! once the sound reached his ears, Greypatch despatched the rope and grapnel brigade speeding into the woods at the east facet of the trail. leaping around the ditch directly to the flatlands along with his personal contingent, he stood with a skinny smile taking part in on his lips, gazing Bigfang. ‘Rush ’em an’ burn the gates, eh, shipmate. good, it used to be your proposal within the first position, so visit it, matey, visit it! ’ Desperation and worry confirmed in Bigfang’s face because the flickering torchlights illuminated it. He knew the portion of shock had long gone with the sounding of the Abbey alarm. additionally there have been merely seven right searats with him. Greypatch had despatched them extra to maintain the oarslaves in line and watch his functionality than to struggle along Bigfang. Oarslaves and a apprehensive squirrel – that was once all he had with him. Greypatch used to be attempting to get him killed – that a lot was once noticeable. Bigfang laughed, a half-hearty cackle that grated on his personal ears. He attempted to sound belligerent in his answer. ‘I’ll burn ’em out, matey, by no means worry. simply be sure you’re there to again us up and rush in once we do! ’ Saxtus and 3 younger otters stood with Flagg over the edge. Piles of stones have been heaped through them, prepared for slinging. Friar Alder, with a combined workforce of moles and mice, ranged the east and west partitions, sporting spears in bundles.

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