Mattimeo (Redwall, Book 3)

By Brian Jacques

Slagar the Fox is decided to conquer peaceful Redwall. collecting his mercenary band of rats, stoats, and weasels, he advances upon the abbey with a crafty scheme-rather than making brave conflict plans, he'll scouse borrow the kids of Redwall from below their mom and dad' very noses. And his prize captive might be Mattimeo, the headstrong younger son of Matthias, the fearless mouse warrior!

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Good, you could nibble your claws, fattie. I’m unlikely, so there! ’ Browntooth forded his means towards the graceful financial institution. ‘Do what you love, runt. whilst Slagar will get again I’ll inform him that you just wouldn’t seek the river correctly, and we’ll see what he has to assert approximately that. ’ ‘Snitch, telltale, gabbygob! ’ Vitch waded over in the direction of the ledge, calling again insults. Mattimeo may well dimly make out the rat’s paws during the particles Vitch was once churning up from the riverbed as he waded. The younger mouse held his breath because the paws got here slowly nearer. one other few steps and he could tread on Auma’s again. The badger huddled with the water waving via her coat, blind to the upcoming possibility as her eyes have been close tight. Mattimeo made a surprising selection. It used to be dicy, yet worthy a try out. He struck out rapidly on the rat’s paw with the small dagger. ‘Yowchooch, glubglub. support! ’ Vitch thrashed approximately within the water, wasting his stability as he attempted to snatch his injured paw. Swallowing water, he floundered approximately for a second. Then, galvanized through natural terror, he grabbed the overhanging crops and scrambling furiously hauled himself over the rock ledge up directly to the financial institution. ‘Aargghh! Browntooth, don’t cross close to that ledge, mate. There’s an immense pike lower than there. glance, it bit me. Owowowow! ’ Vitch rocked backward and forward, attempting to staunch the circulate of blood by means of stuffing the injured paw into his mouth. Browntooth waded swiftly throughout. fending off the ledge, he chanced on part of the financial institution the place he may well simply get out of the river. ‘Well, they won’t be lower than there, or at any place up this finish, if there’s pike within the water. Are you definite it was once a pike, mate? perhaps it was once a type of sizeable eels with poison tooth. I shouldn’t suck it, if I have been you. ’ Vitch spat out hurriedly and rubbed his mouth not easy, forgetting the stabbed paw in his panic. ‘Splurr! Yurgh! What’ll I do, supposing that I’ve swallowed a few? ’ Browntooth lay flat at the rocky ledge, attempting to peer over and get a glimpse of the monster. ‘Oh, you’ll quickly be aware of, in the event you flip red and eco-friendly and begin swellin’ up. That’ll placed a cease in your impudence, eh? ’ underneath the ledge, Auma might take it not more. The air from the straw used to be now not sufficient for her, and she or he broke the outside, blowing challenging and sucking in breath. ‘Whooaar! ’ Browntooth leapt backwards. Regaining his paws, he trotted off to hitch the rat. ‘Cor, did you pay attention that, Vitchey? You’re fortunate you weren’t eaten alive. It gave the impression of a type of substantial issues they speak about that lives within the bluesea position. Hoho, I’m no longer preventing around the following. ’ Mattimeo and the others broke the outside underneath the ledge. Gulping air gratefully, they listened to the cries of the rat and the stoat receding down the financial institution. ‘Maybe I won’t flip red and eco-friendly, might be it used to be only a sharp rock. ’ ‘Are you kiddin’, bucko? I by no means heard a rock sound like that. ’ ‘Then it should have been a pike. They don’t have poison tooth, do they? ’ ‘I wouldn’t understand, I’ve by no means been bitten by way of one. How d’you suppose? ’ ‘I consider okay, ’cept for my paw. Ooh, it quite stings and it won’t cease bleedin’.

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