Prophets of the Ghost Ants

"I had my proverbial socks knocked off … remarkable scope of mind's eye … it’s an excellent novel … a vintage … a tour-de-force of the mind's eye … an ideal instance of very skillful storytelling, anything the sector might use extra of. the unconventional by no means flags, each notice counts … It’s acquired the entire experience of ask yourself that’s lacking in technology fiction at the present time. I easily couldn't placed this ebook down." - Paul prepare dinner, Galaxy’s facet journal

"BEST OF 2011. cutting edge ... intensely memorable ... drama and intelligence ... attention-grabbing ... a gripping read." - Perry Crowe, Kirkus reports

"I'm fascinated with the area development in Clark Carlton's Prophets of the Ghost Ants." - Annalee Newitz,

"An attractive piece of fiction equipped upon an innovative concept. although every thing happens on a truly small scale, the scope of the clash continues to be epic and the character of the clash continues to be quintessentially human. The publication has a lot packed into it - from an exploration of sophistication divisions, to the spiritual hypocrisy of the ruling and priestly sessions, to the motives of religiously pushed wars, to a coming-of-age tale for Anand - that any reader will in all probability locate a number of degrees of fabric in it to curiosity them." - Aaron kilos, Dreaming of alternative Worlds

"Readers who dare input the area of Prophets of the Ghost Ants could be ready to be carried off, as though through a tremendous swarm of locusts, to a global of epic myth that competitors Lord of the jewelry and is on par with the likes of Dune or Watership Down ... You’ll be wishing for the fast liberate of a moment ebook in what delivers to be a trilogy." - Ken Korczak, most sensible e-book stories

The surroundings is Earth of the far-flung destiny, while all lines of our civilization have lengthy vanished. The catastrophes of far-off a long time -- normal and man-made -- have handed into legend and mysticism. And but ... the area is not any utopia. expertise is unknown. The animal country as we all know it's extinct. Birds, reptiles, mammals -- all misplaced to never-ending, unforgiving cycles of planetary dying and rebirth. 

Humankind has clung stubbornly to life -- because of a perverse flip of Evolution. For because the weary planet grew to become inexorably depleted, our species tailored through growing to be smaller with each passing eon, till ultimately we stood in parity with the one different “higher” species to outlive -- bugs. And simply as our present society has domesticated animals to maintain ourselves, the human societies of this destiny have yoked bugs to their provider. meals, guns, garments, artwork -- even the main sacred non secular ideals -- are derived from Humankind’s profound intertwining with the once-lowly insect international.

during this savage panorama, males can't desire to dominate. perpetually and viciously, people are stalked via evening Wasps, Lair Spiders, and Grass Roaches. And males are nonetheless males. Corrupt elites ruthlessly implement a inflexible caste approach over a debased and ignorant population. Duplicitous priests and power-mongering Royalty wage pointless wars for his or her personal glory. Fantasies of a higher lifestyles, a greater international, serve merely to torment those that dare to dream. 

One so cursed is a half-breed slave named Anand, a dung-collector of the midden caste who, opposed to all chance, rises above hopelessness to guide his humans opposed to a genocidal military of fellows who struggle atop fearsome, translucent Ghost Ants. And to his horror, Anand finds that this cruel enemy is led by means of somebody from his family ... a non secular zealot bent at the conversion of all non-believers ... or their extermination.

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Whilst the lady obtained to the head, it was once her privilege to seize the ropes and set them round Bee’s neck. After the lady climbed down, Anand stood in alarm because the little ones, squealing with pride, yanked down the statue and smashed it into Madricanth. the whole spiral of idols tumbled in succession to the floor. the folks jumped to their toes and cheered themselves into ecstasy. Anand was once nauseated. He seemed to the heavens awaiting boulders to weigh down all of them. From the western gate, younger women and men seemed with mallets over their shoulders. because the cheering grew extra frenzied, they attacked the idols and smashed them into powder. The south gate opened. On a towering cart drawn through weevils, the elderly of Dranveria seemed. such a lot have been white haired and a few too infirm to wave, however the crowd cheered as their cart used to be pulled over the rubble and into the guts of the sector. the folks bowed in the direction of them because the elderly poured blood purple powder over the smashed idols. From above, Anand observed what gave the impression of an archless rainbow stretch around the sky. He discovered the colours have been mists being trailed via a formation of blue-mottled locusts. “Locusts! ” Anand cried in Slopeish. “Run! It’s the vengeance of the gods! ” the gang stared at him in interest then laughed. Dwan giggled and patted Anand’s again because the locusts landed in a thick mist. while it cleared, Anand observed there have been human pilots seated on normal saddles behind the locusts’ heads. His middle beat in pleasure as he watched the pilots rub varied patches of tendrils among the locusts’ eyes. This made them fly up and in loops because the pilots dropped goodies at the crowd. once they wanted to land, the riders grabbed the locust through its antennae and flared them outwards. Dwan unwraped a candy and gave it to Anand. With the sounding of thorn trumpets, the gang untied their bundles to bare sacks of coloured powders. Anand regarded in interest as Dwan cupped red powder, held his hand flat, after which blew it into Anand’s face. He gasped, sneezed, after which learned the powder used to be an fit for human consumption sweet. throughout him, humans have been hurling, blowing, and sprinkling powder on one another. They ran around the enviornment, their epidermis and garments altering colours as they danced at the overwhelmed idols. Anand was once shaking as he climbed to the again of the stadium to seem down at the destroyers of idols. within the distance, he observed different stadiums the place a similar rites have been in development. Did those humans kill their gods to permit demons rule? No, for demons like Scorpion, Flea and evening Wasp were destroyed within the enviornment too. The celebrants poured out of the stadium and into the streets to hurl their powders, altering their colours time and again. Dwan grabbed Anand through his arm to convey him to the streets to proceed the powder battles. Anand appeared to the transparent sky, and learned that he used to be nonetheless particularly secure, yet what had this extraordinary pageant honored? a few day whilst the Dranverites allowed him, he knew the fantastic means he might go back to Cajoria: at the again of a locust trailing coloured mists.

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