Shadows of Treachery (Horus Heresy)

By Christian Dunn

A brief tale assortment at the Horus Heresy

From the battlefields of Phall and Isstvan, to the haunted shadows of Terra itself – the Horus Heresy rages on around the galaxy during this choice of brief tales and novellas.

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Sevatar nodded to Alastor, sooner than addressing the gang as one. ‘You can help me lead this damaged Legion. you're now the Kyroptera of the evening Lords. Any questions? ’ Several of the others exchanged glances. within the nook, Trez’s rebreather concealed his smile. Tovac used to be the only to truly communicate. ‘That’s your greeting? That’s the way you welcome us? ’ ‘Yes. ’ Sevatar didn’t blink. ‘Did you predict a speech? ’ ‘I don’t recognize what I anticipated. ’ ‘Then why do you sound disillusioned? ’ ‘I…’ Sevatar tilted his head. ‘Any actual questions? ’ ‘I have one,’ acknowledged Ophion. His face was once a large number of contemporary stitches and dermis grafts. ‘Why us? ’ ‘Because the remainder of the Kyroptera are lifeless, with Var Jahan and myself because the simply survivors. ’ ‘Obviously. and the way did they die? ’ Ophion requested. ‘The darkish Angels killed a few of them. I killed the remainder. Or fairly, the Atramentar killed them, simply because I requested them to. ’ Ophion snorted, now not even remotely shocked. ‘But why us? ’ Sevatar watched the opposite captain in silence for numerous moments. ‘You are a truly suspicious guy, Ophion. ’ ‘That i'm. ’ Sevatar observed no damage within the fact. ‘You are all variously dependable to me, clever, trustworthy, reliable, and divorced from the weak spot of human compassion. The Legion wishes management. It wishes us. ’ ‘Then I’ll be the only to claim it. ’ Krukesh gestured a gauntleted hand at Alastor, his skullish face locked in a sneer. ‘Why is the Raven right here? He leads no corporation. He instructions no males. He can't be one of many Kyroptera. ’ ‘He can, simply because I say he can. until the primarch rises and countermands my order, the Raven stands with us. Now, to company. ’ Sevatar known as up the hololithic show back. ‘What you’re taking a look at, brothers, is over a 3rd of the Legion’s fleet. We’ve had touch with the opposite mustering issues at Ykresh, Taur, and Sotha. The casualty figures are at the flawed part of hilarious. ’ ‘Don’t hold us in suspense,’ Var Jahan grunted. ‘The darkish Angels destroyed simply over twenty-five in step with cent of the fleet of their ambush. They killed 1 / 4 of the Legion in 3 hours. ’ The new Kyroptera exchanged glances. None of them needed to assert something, leaving Sevatar to proceed. ‘It’s simply been weeks. there's numerous dozen vessels nonetheless within the warp, or stuck clear of the fallback issues. however the proven casualties by myself are grievous. each shipmaster observed different vessels die. Collating that record exhibits a 5th of the Legion lifeless within the void, or at the floor of Sheol. So…’ Sevatar grew to become again to his brothers. ‘The query now, is what can we do? ’ ‘Revenge,’ stated Var Jahan. ‘Vengeance opposed to the Angels. ’ ‘Don’t make me kill you, to boot. Revenge opposed to the 1st Legion will be a fool’s campaign. i'm striving to make this as democratic as attainable, yet don’t test my endurance. ’ Krukesh tapped his knuckles at the hololithic desk. ‘What of the primarch? ’ ‘Still in a coma,’ answered Var Jahan, ‘aboard the Excoriator. ’ ‘What is the which means of…’ Naraka gave the vaguest of waves on the our bodies placing throughout, ‘…of all this?

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