Stay Away from the Tree House and Eye of the Fortuneteller: Twice Terrifying Tales (R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street)

By R.L. Stine

In Stay clear of the Tree House, Dylan and Steve discover a cool tree house—one that’s purported to be haunted. yet are the creepy tales real? Dylan and Steve are approximately to determine: They’re spending the evening within the tree house—in the woods. simply the 2 of them. And one ghost.

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Kelsey might see his face within the glow of the blaze. He appeared terrified. He edged back—away from the circle of gypsies. Kelsey moved in towards the flames. i must throw this card in! i need to! “Hurry! ” Drew shouted. “Throw it! Throw it earlier than it’s too overdue! ” Kelsey swung her arm again and—BOOM! the hearth exploded in her face. And the flames leaped out—leaped out to snatch her! She screamed and screamed. And while she eventually stopped, she heard a terrifying sound. a valid she had heard as soon as ahead of. a legitimate she may always remember. The sound of Madame Valda’s evil, haunting giggle. 20 Kelsey stared up. Up on the raging hearth. And gasped. Madame Valda soared up from the heart of the flames. Her fiery physique rose excessive above Kelsey. She loomed over them. giggling madly. “Again I face the Fool,” she cackled. Daggers of fireside flew from her lips. “What can we do? ” Kelsey cried out to Gregor. “I… I… don’t know,” he stammered, his eyes mounted at the evil gypsy girl. “What do you suggest, you don’t be aware of? ” Kelsey screamed. “He doesn’t be aware of simply because he's a pretend! ” Madame Valda bellowed. “How are you able to think during this gypsy clown—and now not think in Madame Valda! ” Kelsey whirled to stand Gregor. He inched again again—farther and further from the outdated girl. “He is not any gypsy! ” Madame Valda roared. “He has no powers! there's not anything in his silly, little magic ebook that will help you. ” Then Madame Valda pointed her finger at Kelsey. “Fool! ” she cried. A firebolt shot out from her fingertip—and the gypsies started to scatter. “They are frauds,” Madame Valda spat. “All of them. there's not one real gypsy between them. ” As she spoke, she became her palms upward. Pillars of black smoke burst from her arms. “I’m out of right here! ” Zandra screamed and took off down the seashore. Madame Valda cackled on the sight. “Come on, Kelsey. ” Drew grabbed Kelsey’s arm. “Let’s cross! ” “I can’t,” Kelsey groaned. “If I don’t face her now, I’ll be below this curse eternally. ” Madame Valda laughed her evil snort. “You are going to pay for angering Madame Valda all over again. ” Her eyes burned all over Kelsey. “Not in basic terms does this idiot insult me as soon as, she enlists assistance from extra fools to insult me back! ” Kelsey spun round to stand the opposite gypsies. yet nobody remained. they'd deserted her—left her on my own to struggle the hideous witch. “Did you actually imagine you'll eliminate my curse so simply? ” Madame Valda crooned. “Well, re-examine! you'll by no means eliminate it! by no means! ” Madame Valda’s laughter echoed in the course of the evening. Her scorching pink eyes bore into Kelsey. “Kelsey! ” Drew shouted. “Throw the cardboard into the hearth! ” “Go forward, Fool,” Madame Valda taunted. “Try to burn it! attempt! ” “Stop calling me idiot! ” Kelsey cried. Then she inched ahead, her eyes glued to the gruesome gypsy. “Come, Kelsey. ” Madame Valda beckoned with a fiery finger. “Come towards the flame! ” Kelsey stepped forward—and Madame Valda hurled a fireball at her toes. Kelsey leaped away and fell. “Come, Kelsey. ” Madame Valda laughed. “You can do it! ” “Kelsey! ” Drew screamed. “Are you ok? ” Kelsey nodded, leaping to her toes.

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