The Colloquia of the Hermeneumata Pseudodositheana (Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries) (Volume 1)

The Colloquia are manuals written to assist historical Greeks and Romans get round in every one other's languages; they include examples of the way to behavior actions like buying, banking, vacationing neighbors, web hosting events, taking oaths, successful proceedings, utilizing the general public baths, having fights, making excuses and going to varsity. They therefore provide a distinct glimpse of lifestyle within the Early Roman Empire and are an immense source for realizing historic tradition. they've got, even if, been unjustly ignored simply because in the past there have been no smooth variations of the texts, no translations into any sleek language, and little realizing of what the Colloquia are and the place they arrive from. This ebook makes the Colloquia obtainable for the 1st time via combining a brand new version, translation and statement with a ground-breaking, complete research in their origins. it's basically written and should curiosity scholars, non-specialists students alike.

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Hand me a serviette. convey [it]. g βάλε ἐλαιόγαρον εἰς τὸ ὀξυβάφιον. μέρισον τὰ ὀνύχια. κατάκοψον κοιλίδιον, πλεκτὴν ἐξ ὕδατος. mitte impensam advert acetabulum. divide ungellas. concide aqualiculum, chordam ex aqua. positioned a few fish-oil sauce into the vinegar-cup. Divide up the pigs’ trotters. chop up the paunch, the boiled tripe. 11d1  cerasonmy Z T W: -mi R michi Z R 2  thermon W: therinon T: therimon Z R: τεριμον Y three  mizeston Z R T Wac: mizest῾on (= mizesthon) Wpc noli M: non E ferventem Z R W: fervente T: fervens E four  mitethliaron Z R T: mitetlyaron W five  allasinceraston T: -thon R: allasyncerasthon Z W 6  ceechye ecithnoligon R: cecchie- Z: ceechieecythn- W: ceechie ecitn- T et supplevit Krumbacher lineam om. E 7  baleneron T W: balerenon Z R: βάλε νεαρόν E: βάλε νερόν Krumbacher eight  prostes acroton T Wac: prost῾es- (= prosthes-) Wpc: prothes- Z R adice Goetz: adic Z R W: addic T: adiice E: aduce N 11e1  thisticite W: tysticite Z R: tiscite T 2  cathezeste eanthelete W: catezeste eantelete Z R: catazeste eantelete T θέλητε Krumbacher three  anapesomen M four  pice leuis M: πυ κελεφις Y five  enprototopo M 6  ἀνάπεσε Krumbacher: anapes M: ἀνάπεσον E 11f1  dotiminydrogamon T W: dotimini drogamon Z R ydrogara T Wpc: ydor parum Wac: ydrogarx Z R: idrogarx Y lineam om. E 2  desemingeysaste Z R W: -geysa T: δός μοι γεύσασθαι E nobis M: mihi E three  μολόχας ζεστάς Krumbacher: mocas zestas Z T W: -zetas R: μαλάχας ζεστάς E four  epidosmichi regimagion T: -machi- W: -mihi- Z R χειρεκμάγιον Krumbacher: χειρομάγιον Ε: χειρόμακτον P five  comisate M 11g1  baleeleogaron M impensam Wac: inpesam Z R Y: inperam T: imperam Wpc lineam om. E 2  isto oxubafion T W: -fyon R: -basyon Z lineam om. E three  merisonta onichia M ungellas T W: unguellas Z R Y lineam om. E four  catacopson cylidiom Z T W: -cilidiom R aqualiculum Krumbacher: aqualem Z R T: equalem W lineam om. E five  plectin exydatos Z T: plectyn- W: -idatos R cordam M lineam om. E 131 C OL LOQUI A MO NACENI S A–EI NS I D L ENS I A h ἰδὲ εἰ ἔχεις πεπερᾶτον. ἐπίβαπτε. Χρῶμαι. Χρῶ. δὸς συκωτὸν τρυφερόν, κίχλας, καλλίκρεας, θρίδακας. vide si habes piperatum. intinge. Utor. Utere. da ficatum tenerum, turdos, glandulas, lactucas. i εἷς ἐξ ὑμῶν ἄρτον κλάσει καὶ ’ς κανίσκιον εἰσοίσει. κατὰ τάξιν παράδος. κλάσον ψωμούς. unus de vobis panem frangat one in every of you [servants], holiday the et in canistellum inferat. bread advert ordinem alternate. and positioned it right into a basket. frange quadras. cross it round so as. holiday the loaves. j δειπνήσατε· πάντως ἐκεῖνος ἄξιός ἐστιν παρ’ ἡμῖν δειπνῆσαι. cenate; utique ille dignus est apud nos cenare. See when you've got a pepper dressing. Dip it in. ’ ‘I use it. ’ ‘Use it. supply [us? ] a few delicate figfattened liver, thrushes, sweetbreads, lettuces. devour! he's definitely important to dine between us.

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