The Delphic Oracle, It's Responses and Operations, with a Catalogue of Responses

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Affliction of a person. nine L, o H. iii. Exile, lack of kingdom, captivity, have to switch place of abode. I6 L, 2 H. iv. Crime of others. four L, o H. v. Crime of sel£ 7 L, I H. . vi. struggle or casus belli. 20 L, 6 H. vii. Portents, prodigies. 7 L, three H. viii. difficulties of rulership. 6 L, I H. ix. Welfare of urban or nation. 2 L, three H. x. hope or plan to stumbled on a urban or colony. II L, 2 H. xi. loss of childrens, wish for progeny. 7 L, I H. xii. wish to marry. 2 L, o H. xiii. spouse or different woman's being pregnant, wish of figuring out kid's destiny. I L, o H. xiv. desire to comprehend starting place, who one's mom and dad have been. three L, I H. xv. loss of life of relations or pals. I L, I H. xvi. Disappearance, loss. 2 L, o H. xvii. reflected firm or profession. three L, I H. xviii. wish for gift. 2 L, o H. xix. attempt of Oracle. I L, o H. xx. Worship of the gods, wish to honor and please them. five L, I five H. xxi. non secular difficulties, e. g. , even if to open sacred lands to cultivation (H21), easy methods to protect the sanctity of shrines, and so on. o L, nine H. xxii. Interstate family. o L, 6 H. xxm. hope for info. o L, I H. xxiv. relatives welfare. o L, I H. The research of events is gifted in tabular shape in desk V. although plague, famine, and different catastrophes (i) account for 4I mythical consultations and the maladies of people (ii) for nine extra, just one old session is expounded to were made for one of these cause. There are not any historic events ii, iv, xii, xiii, xvi, xviii, xix, and no mythical events xxi-xxiv. events i, iii, v, viii, xi, ensue particularly few instances between ancient consultations; social gathering xx is comparatively infrequent between mythical. the 2 teams have approximately comparable proportions between events vi (war), as we'd count on, vii (portents), and xiv (origin unknown). good above part (88/I50) of mythical events are targeted upon events i, vi, iii, and x in that order: catastrophes, struggle, exile, and town foundations, while only one 5th (II/55) of old THE features OF RECORDED ORACLES forty-one desk V events OF mythical AND ancient CONSULTATIONS Oaasiofl i. Plague, famine, and so on. illness ailing. Exile, and so forth. IV. Crime of others v. Crime of self Vl. battle vii. Portents viii. Rulership ix. Civic welfare x. urban foundations xi. loss of childrens Xll. Marriage X in poor health. being pregnant xiv. beginning unknown XV. dying xvi. Disappearance, loss xvii. company xviii. wish for present xix. attempt of Oracle xx. Worship XXl. non secular questions xxii. Interstate family xxiii. details xxiv. kin welfare eleven. mythical (150) puppy quantity forty-one nine sixteen four 7 20 7 6 2 II 7 2 I three I 2 three 2 I five zero zero zero zero 27-3 6. zero 10. 7 2. 7 4·7 13-3 4·7 4·0 1. three 7·3 4·7 1. three zero. 7 2. zero zero. 7 1. three 2. zero I. three zero. 7 3·3 zero zero zero zero ancient (55) quantity puppy I zero 2 zero I 6 three I three 2 I zero zero I I zero I zero zero IS nine 6 I I 1. eight zero 3·6 zero 1. eight 10. nine s. s 1. eight 5·5 3·6 1. eight zero zero 1. eight 1. eight zero 1. eight zero zero 27-3 sixteen. four I0. nine I. eight 1. eight consultations come up from those events. greater than part (3o/ss) of historic events are focused on xx, xxi, xxii, in that order: the explanations of consultations are ordinarily spiritual or political; and approximately half the remaining are focused on vi, vii, and ix, of which vi and ix are political in nature.

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