The Sea Hunters II

By Clive Cussler, Craig Dirgo

From the writer of the number 1 bestselling The Sea Hunters comes extra unforgettable precise adventures with well-known shipwrecks.

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She carried a complete of 725 passengers in first and moment category. The passengers have been looking heat and solar, so it got here as a shock whilst the few that all started awaking that evening did so from the nippiness. once Carpathia had became north, the temperature begun falling. It was once cold—bitterly chilly. •   •   • TEN MILES FROM Titanic’s final place, moment Officer Stone had watched the rockets gentle the evening sky. He alerted Captain Lord, who used to be slumbering at the sofa within the chart room. Lord inquired to whether the rockets had all been white. After receiving a definite from Stone, Lord had long gone again to sleep. Then the lighting fixtures of the lining had sunk decrease within the water, as though she have been steaming away. The time used to be 2:45 A. M. At four A. M. , Stone used to be relieved through leader Officer Frederick Stewart. He comparable the unusual occasions to Stewart, then went belowdecks to sleep. •   •   • SMOKE TRAILING FROM her towering stack and rockets blasting from her decks, Carpathia arrived on the pronounced coordinates at four A. M. Captain Rostron anticipated to work out the colossal nonetheless afloat. After ordering the engines stopped, he ordered the lookouts to experiment the encircling quarter. there has been not anything. 8 hundred and eighty-two ft of the best send but developed had vanished. To the north, Rostron may perhaps see an unbroken line of ice. on the spot the place Carpathia was once stopped, the ocean was once affected by chunks of ice and a number of other huge bergs. Minute via minute, the sky started to lighten. The flickering stars overhead started to disappear because the coming mild fought the darkness. Slowly, the scene got here into concentration. At that fast, a eco-friendly flare streaked skyward. “Starboard a quarter,” Rostron ordered. conscientiously maneuvering during the chunks of ice, Carpathia pulled abreast of a lifeboat. Mrs. Walter Douglas in Lifeboat 2 was once hysterical. “Titanic has long past down with all hands,” she screamed up at these at the deck of Carpathia. As deckhands secured Lifeboat 2 and started to dump the passengers, Rostron scanned the ocean within the transforming into mild. He can make out lifeboats on both sides now, in addition to the flotsam from a boat now useless. A thick fur coat rolled at the gentle waves. A swamped steamer trunk was once simply slightly above water. wood deck chairs, planks, and empty lifestyles vests. so as to add to the chaotic scene have been chunks of ice and 2 within reach bergs, which towered approximately 200 ft over Carpathia’s optimum aspect. Seat cushions and ornate rugs floated previous. hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper shaped a floating parquet of a narrative by no means to be learn. A case of champagne, one other choked with tins of snails. Bottles and casks and wood slats ripped from vast on her plunge to the depths. A Bible, a hatbox, numerous pair of boots. A unmarried physique useless for hours. “Get the survivors off the boats and into the salon,” Rostron ordered. one after the other, the lifeboats rowed nearer. •   •   • THE NAGGING DOUBTS that had plagued leader Officer Stewart ultimately proved an excessive amount of. At 5:40 A. M. , he woke the Californian’s instant operator, Cyril Evans, and comparable what Stone had informed him.

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