The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life

The fact has been buried for centuries underneath fable, symbolism, and propaganda—but it eventually involves mild in those pages and will not be denied. this can be the tale of a unprecedented trip of discovery that uncovers the lifestyles of a serpent-worshipping cult that thrived in the course of the global in precedent days and whose affects have permeated all of the significant religions. The cult’s crucial ceremony concerned blending jointly snake blood and venom in a ceremonial bowl, forging a strong therapeutic elixir—and the proof exhibits that this ritual holds the main to fixing such enigmatic mysteries because the Holy Grail, Elixir of lifestyles, Philosopher’s Stone, and the misplaced urban of Atlantis. It’s not anything lower than a thorough reinterpretation of global history.

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Those tall monuments have been the head of human fulfillment, man-made mountaintops, and the organization of the serpent with those historical constructions in addition to the excessive locations of the wildlife is facts of the significance of the snake/serpent in old faith. As we now have already pointed out, Jesus used to be nailed to the tree on most sensible of a mound or hill known as Calvary or Golgotha, the ‘place of the skull’. The identify ‘Calvary’ is from the Latin calvaria, that means ‘skull’, and springs from the Greek kranion, from which comes our notice ‘cranium’. Calvary/Golgotha stocks a similar ‘primordial mound’ symbolism that we discover within the nice Pyramid and different sacred monuments and earthworks linked to the serpent. certainly, because the ‘place of the skull’, the hill of Golgotha remembers the routine subject matter of the ‘serpent’s head’. extra proof for the organization of the serpent with excessive locations got here from the Egyptian ebook of the lifeless, which mentions a ‘Hill of Bat’, the place heaven rests. Upon the forehead of the hill is a snake approximately 30 cubits lengthy (there are 30 levels among each one signal of the zodiac, accordingly the measurement). The identify of the snake is ‘eater of fire’. In symbolic phrases, hearth refers to soreness and poison, and hence to ‘eat hearth’ is to remove the soreness and poison. This ‘eater of fireplace’ may perhaps accordingly be one of many earliest mentions of the ‘fire-breathing’ aspect linked to dragons. it's also revealing that it was once the snake/serpent god who took away the discomfort and the Chaldean identify for ‘serpent’ used to be acan, that means ‘fire’. In Argyllshire, Scotland, there's a 300-foot serpent mound at Glen Feechan, a reputation which, in accordance with a few etymologists, appears like acan. The serpent winds alongside in a development akin to the shamanic course of resurrection and rebirth, which implies that it could actually were used for an old ritual linked to immortality. an entire variety of old serpent-related structure is to be obvious at Avebury, England, the place there's additionally attainable proof for serpent shrines or therapeutic job. At Avebury the shape of a serpent as soon as prolonged over 3 miles in size and was once so notable that even the antiquarian John Aubrey idea it grander than Stonehenge. A drawing produced in 1740 via Dr William Stukeley, an antiquarian and student of sacred historical past and cabalistic technology, nonetheless exhibits the round sanctuary coiled in the folds of the everlasting serpent. Avebury’s dual circles have been virtually thrice higher than the total circle of Stonehenge. on the centre of the south circle is a giant stone referred to as the Obelisk, a be aware that comes from ‘Basilisk’, the good serpent stated to be the main venomous of all, and is associated with the oracular god of Canaan, Ob or Oub. From the sky, Avebury seems like a superb ‘serpent path’ that takes one on a trip, as instructed in lots of myths, during the snake and out of its mouth to resurrection and everlasting lifestyles. The stone circle with its smaller stone circles appears like an egg, or a mobile within the strategy of dividing, a method often called meiosis.

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