The Time of the Transference (Spellsinger, Book 6)

By Alan Dean Foster

Within the talking-animal global of Foster's Spellsinger sequence, the songs of transplanted rock musician Jon-Tom make a robust if usually misdirected magic. The quests he undertakes for his wizardly mentor ship him to far-off nations, the place he meets whimsical creatures conversing in outlandish accents. With extra memorable and dramatic adventures in the back of him, Jon-Tom is off this time at the delusion similar of a visit to the fix store. The breaking of his magical duar is the get together for encounters with pirates, cannibals, talkative porpoises, a flying horse who's fearful of heights and the stunning, level-headed otter Weegee, who turns into the affection of Jon-Tom's irascible significant other Mudge. even though continuously amiable, this novel sounds progressively more like an impromptu bedtime tale that has been prolonged past the teller's powers of invention.

Originally released 1986 by way of Phantasia Press.

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The otter shoved the physique of his assailant apart and bounded to his ft. Shouts combined with an occasional scream filtered down from above. “Let’s up an’ at ’em. ” After a discreet survey proved the hallway to be abandoned, the otter led Jon-Tom towards the steps on the a ways finish. “Hurry it up, mate. ” Jon-Tom used to be attempting to run and step into his pants while. “I’m coming as quickly as i will, or do you are expecting me to struggle with none pants? ” “Why no longer? might you otherwise be embarrassed or useless? ” donning purely his pants, a bare-chested, barefooted Jon-Tom his buddy up the stairway. They emerged on deck in the middle of darkness, confusion and carnage. one other send had mounted itself to the portside hull. The ketch used to be previous and beat-up yet obviously seaworthy sufficient to take on the a lot better caramaran. It used to be additionally domestic to an striking number of cutthroats and thugs, who endured to swarm over the gunwales onto the freighter. Their plan used to be so simple as their intentions have been seen: wait till darkish, then slip quietly aboard and exterminate the officials and team of their bunks. Then they can pattern shipment and passengers at their rest. regrettably for them the alert aye-aye had died a hero’s dying whereas sacrificing his lifestyles to elevate the alarm. This had roused not just the group however the passengers to boot, such a lot of whom knew their method round a weapon or . As this used to be no longer Bel-Air or Brentwood, many of the electorate carried a few kind of own safeguard. hence the pirates stumbled on themselves badly outnumbered and being pressured progressively again towards their send. a number of had controlled to safe a few booty in these first frantic mins prior to the ship’s supplement have been aroused. They moved quickly again towards the ketch with their palms jam-packed with stolen items. The deck used to be slippery with blood. the damaging, doubtful footing used to be extra to the pirates’ drawback than that of the defenders. Jon-Tom watched the vigorous Captain Magriff lead the counterattack, his workforce silently and determinedly following the badger as they plunged into the pirates’ midst. as a result of the passengers they have been slowly overwhelming the attackers. a couple of unfortunate brigands have been scale back as they attempted to make it again to their send. The survivors tossed what they’d been in a position to scouse borrow over the facet, it down the traces and reduce themselves loose. these on board the catamaran despatched a flow of curses and insults of their wake. Jon-Tom and Mudge listened because the ship’s officials argued with the captain. a number of have been for placing on extra sail and turning to pursue their fleeing assailants. Magriff might have none of that. “Stow that spray, gentlebeings. We nay cross chasin’ after phantoms tonight. take heed to your heads for a minute as a substitute o’ yer hearts. With a robust wind at our backs we'd overtake ’em, however the breeze this night is mild and out o’ the east as a substitute o’ the north. not just may we need to paintings a metamorphosis in path, yet in this type of gentle wind a smaller boat may simply outmaneuver us.

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