To the Indies

By C. S. Forester

To The Indies is the tale of Don Narciso wealthy, a legal professional for his or her Highnesses of Spain, who's despatched on an ocean voyage with Admiral Cristo Columbus himself for extra look for the treasures of the Indies and renewed govt supervision of the unique colonies. He survives not just actual exhaustion and close to hunger, but additionally psychological and emotional torture as he watches the awful remedy of the island natives by way of the Spanish. His religion and ideology are challenged because the trip twists and turns, together with his discovery of the Orinoco River and the South American continent, which nonetheless needs to be an island close to Siam. The grasping conquistadors cease at not anything as they overcome new lands; taking plunder reminiscent of gold and pearls, assaulting ladies, and making slaves of the natives. They locate new and intriguing nutrients resources in addition to wild animals similar to the caiman. in the course of those adventures, Narciso discovers that he's more desirable and extra able than he ever imagined. He survives kidnapping and being shipwrecked in the course of a storm and lives to inform his tale.

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True,” acknowledged the Admiral. At his order Perez took off his helmet and the Admiral perched the cap on most sensible of his mass of hair, stood again with a gesture of admiration, took the cap back and positioned it at the head of the trembling lady. the opposite Indians chattered on the sight, the teeth flashing in smiles. “And examine this, Your Excellency. glance! ” stated a Spaniard, loudly. one of many Indian males had whatever striking on a string around his neck, a bit fleck of whatever with a yellow glint. It a tiny fragment of gold, smaller than part a castellano, yet gold the entire similar. wealthy heard the fast consumption of breath all around the ring. Gold! The Admiral strode up, his expression so tough and fierce that the Indian raised his arm to push back a blow. “Where did you get this? ” demanded the Admiral. The Indian nonetheless cowered away, and the Admiral, with an visible attempt at self-discipline, replaced his tone. “Send for Alamo from the Santa Ana,” he stated, apart, after which, turning again to the Indian, he smiled winningly. He raised his eyebrows in an noticeable query, pointed to the little bit of gold, after which away to the island. The Indian concept for a second, and pointed westward. there has been a basic murmur from the gang — there has been gold within the west. “Much? ” requested the Admiral, creating a gesture with everyday hands. “Much? ” The Indian after a second of puzzlement prolonged his hands in contract, to the sound of a renewed murmur from the group. there has been a lot gold to be stumbled on; yet wealthy, staring at the by-play, was once now not relatively so certain. The Indian used to be essentially uncertain of the importance of the query requested him. He should be that means that the gold used to be far-off, or maybe, conceivably, that it used to be not easy to return by means of. Years of sifting facts had given wealthy an perception into the intense ways that false impression can come up. The Admiral used to be jingling one other hawk’s-bell and supplying to negotiate it for the gold, and the Indian made the trade gladly once he grasped what the Admiral sought after. “This piece of gold might purchase hawk’s-bells,” commented the Admiral; he reached for an additional scarlet cap and set it at the Indian’s head, to the accompaniment of a renewed refrain of admiration from the others. “They like caps simply up to hawk’s-bells,” acknowledged the Admiral to wealthy. “In that, they're extra just like the cannibal Indians of Dominica than these of Española. that's what one may count on. ” The longboat, rowed as speedy as a dozen stout palms may force her, had again now from the Santa Ana, and Alamo pronounced himself to the Admiral. He checked out the string of pearls which the Admiral gave him for inspection. “They are pearls undoubtedly,” he stated, feeling their texture along with his lips. He shaded them from the solar together with his physique to determine their luster. “Yet they're varied from the pearls of the Orient. Their tinge and luster aren't an identical. ” “Are they beneficial? ” demanded the Admiral. “Oh convinced. part their price has disappeared due to the clumsy method during which they've been bored, yet i might offer you an outstanding expense for them within the Calle del Paradis.

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